Luck of the Irish: St. Patty’s Day Celebrations in New Orleans

Catching Cabbage!

Catching Cabbage!

Ask any native New Orleanian about their heritage, and you might be surprised by how often you’ll hear “Irish” as an answer. The large population of Irish folk has spurred long-standing traditions in the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year (ever heard of the Irish Channel neighborhood?). Donning their green, New Orleanians partake in various feats of revelry, from Irish food and parades to random kisses and the infamous green beer and catching all the ingredients for an Irish stew.

Many different Irish bars host their own version of a St. Patty’s Day party. Parasol’s just a few blocks off of Magazine St hosts their famous annual block party with lots of music, beer and food, which starts on Thursday, March 14th and continues on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th. Tracey’s on Magazine St hosts their own annual celebration with lots of green beer and plenty of entertainment on the same days as Parasol’s. During the parades farther down on Magazine St, bars like the Bulldog and Balcony Bar host huge parties as well with plenty of green beer, jello shots and the like.

Parades are another annual celebration for St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish Channel parade takes place Uptown in and around the Irish Channel neighborhood, this year on Saturday, March 16th at 1pm. On Sunday, March 17th, the St. Patrick’s Day parade rides down Metairie Rd in Old Metairie on St. Patrick’s Day at noon. Downtown has their own Irish Club parade that parades through the Bywater, Marigny and French Quarter. And finally, the next weekend on Sunday, March 24th, the Louisiana Irish-Italian parade in Metairie further celebrates longstanding New Orleans heritages.

If you’ll be spending your St. Patrick’s Day weekend in NOLA, there are plenty of parties and events celebrating this all-important day of the Irish. Whether you’re downtown or in the Irish Channel, you’ll find plenty of food, drink and entertainment to last you the whole weekend through. Just don’t forget to wear your green!


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