Superior Grill – The Tex-Mex Local Hotspot


Located at St. Charles Ave and Amelia St in Uptown New Orleans, Superior Grill offers some of the most memorable (Tex)Mexican food and drinks the city has to offer. Founded in 1997, its convenient location on the St. Charles streetcar line (stop #21) contributes to big crowds and happy mouths for locals and tourists alike.

Superior Grill, affectionately known as simply “Superior,” creates authentic Tex-Mex dishes from scratch every day, from nachos and burritos to enchiladas, quesadillas, and fajitas. They use only fresh ingredients and hand-rolled tortillas, and they cook their meats over a mesquite grill to give it that unique Superior flavor. Their menu is expansive and includes at least five choices for just about every Tex-Mex specialty you can think of.

Next to their food, their margaritas have made them legendary and an instant favorite for many. You can enjoy either two-for-one or a large for the price of a small for both margaritas and mixed drinks every day during their happy hour from 3:30 – 6:00pm. Their Superior Margaritas are available with freshly squeezed lime juice either frozen or on the rocks, and you can choose between the standard blend, top-shelf tequila, or flavored versions. But be careful—once you have one, you’ll see the bottom of that cup more times than you’ll care to admit.

They throw big, popular block parties throughout the year for Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, and Thanksgiving Eve. But perhaps their biggest and most notorious nights take place during the biggest party of the year—Mardi Gras. As float after float passes by, Superior Grill hosts countless patrons throughout the festive season, and “Superior” becomes a common meeting ground for revelers of all stripes.

Located just a few blocks away from our B&B, Superior Grill is one of our favorite and most highly recommended hot spots in the nearby neighborhood. Whether you pop in for a happy hour margarita or bring the whole family in for dinner, you’ll walk out feeling happy, satisfied, and dying for more.


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