Local Jazz on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is really an awful place, good thing there is only one like it , you just have to turn the corner to awaken to an entirely different atmosphere. But sometimes you just have take a stroll and people watch.

The neon lights, blasting karaoke and rowdy crowd is part of the experience but you can step in to the Maison Bourbon Jazz Club situated on the corner of St. Peter’s Street and experience a taste of what we all dream old New Orleans to be like, with live jazz playing in this comfortable intimate setting. Thursday through Sunday nights be sure to check out Jamil Sharif head a quintet of talented local  musicians. Playing classic local tunes, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet, clapping your hands, and shouting your part in the call-and-response.

Filled with an older crowd, there’s a respectful atmosphere of tourists enjoying beautiful music. But if you take notice of the bar you’ll find some locals relaxing in back, here to soak up their local sound. Jamil and his blaring trumpet will keep you happy throughout the sets, and there are plenty of solo moments for the drums, piano, clarinet and bass to delight the ears with a well-rounded mix of improv. With no cover charge and a one drink minimum, Maison Bourbon is easy on the wallet too, at least by Bourbon Street standards.

Whether you’re looking to start your night right or finish it off smoothly, or even spend its entirety with jazz music, this place is the jam. As the craziness outside rolls by, you’ll be happy to have made a stop here.


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