Green Goddess Restaurant in Exchange Alley




If you’re searching for a funky and fresh dining experience that sets itself apart from the conventionality of many traditional French Quarter favorites, look no further than the Green Goddess.   Located at 307 Exchange Alley off Bienville, this colorful restaurant is eccentric, to say the least!    With limited indoor seating and a wonderful outdoor courtyard when weather permits, an intimate dining experience is in store.   Chefs Chris DeBarr and Paul Artigues clearly know their stuff and together create a truly unique menu, combining local ingredients with flavors and traditions from nearly every inch of the globe  . Where would one expect to see South Indian Lentil Pancakes, Korean Barbequed Pork Belly, Bangers and Mash, and Louisiana Oysters find a home on the same menu?   Don’t be surprised to hear the exotic origins of each dish straight from the Chef’s mouth, as tableside visits are customary.   For the truly adventurous, a surprise combination of the “Chef’s Cheese Treasures,” as well as a pre-set “Tasting Menu,” featuring an array of restaurant favorites, are offered daily and are perfect to split between 2 or 3.   While the food is sure to please a diversity of palates (plenty of vegetarian options), the Green Goddess takes the cake with its extensive offering of beverages.   The menu includes original infused cocktails, fresh tropical juices, Vietnamese coffee, teas, local and imported beer, and a truly impressive list of wines and champagnes to fit any budget.   Treat yourself to an exploration of flavor and trust the staff’s rather enlightened recommendations!

The Green Goddess is open for Lunch & Brunch every day, except Tuesday, from 11am – 3:30pm.   Dinner is served 6pm-11pm Wednesday through Sunday.   Because of its small size, reservations at the Green Goddess are handled on a “first come, first served” basis.  Luckily, both the Napoleon House Bar and the Carousel Lounge are within walking distance if you have time for a drink while waiting.

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