Cafe du Monde will celebrate 150 years

Everybody loves beignets!  Those tasty little hot morsels of goodness covered in mounds of powdered sugar.

Next year this incredible institution, Café du Monde, will be celebrating it’s 150th anniversary. It’s hard to imagine but their doors opened a decade before electricity was invented.

The beignets are the only food item on the menu but you won’t need anything else. The coffee is a blend of coffee and chicory. Chicory is the root of the endive plant and is added to the dark roasted coffee to soften its bitter edge. Once brewed the coffee is mixed with scalded milk to make a nasty cup of café au lait.

The Acadians, who left France for Nova Scotia then settled to South Louisiana in the 1700’s, are responsible for introducing coffee with chicory and the beignet to the area. Their version was a fried fritter filled with fruit; today the beignet is a piece of dough that is fried and covered in powdered sugar.

You can’t visit New Orleans without a trip to Café Du Monde, only 3.5 miles from our Garden District Inn.  And by the way, it’s pronounced “ben yay.”



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