Commander’s Palace: A New Orleans Classic!

Commanders Palace
New Orleans is home to some of the most original and well known restaurants in the world. Commander’s Palace stands out as a “must do.” Experience the graciousness of a bygone era. This is dining at its finest with impeccable service and mouth watering classic Creole dishes. Located in the heart of the Garden District, only 1 mile from our Garden District Bed and Breakfast, this culinary tradition is run by the world famous Brennan family, a powerhouse of culinary culture and success.  Many famous chefs, including Emeril, have gotten their start at this legendary restaurant.

Commander’s Palace was the first restaurant to bring the wonderful and unique tradition of the Jazz Brunch to the city. Jazz Brunch is world-renowned and an unforgettable experience.

One of our favorite recommendations is a Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery tour and lunch at Commander’s. Take advantage of their  weekday lunch specials. It’s is a great way  to experience the food, service and cuisine at a very reasonable prices… and they serve 25 cent martini’s! You can’t miss Commander’s, it’s the grand Victorian painted a wonderful turquoise and white located right across from Lafayette Cemetery.

Reservations are suggested and they do frown upon blue jeans and shorts.

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