Southern Decadence is Just Around the Corner!


New Orleans claims to be one of the most gay friendly cities in the United States, perhaps in the world. Come celebrate the unique gay culture and pride in what is considered to be the largest gay event in NOLA, the Southern Decadence Festival.  Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Southern Decadence 2011 will be held on Labor Day Week-end (Wednesday Aug. 31st – Monday Sept. 5th.) Most of the Southern Decadence events are held in the French Quarter, but for a full listing of events just check out this easy to read map.

Southern Decadence started out as a small gay pride festival 40 years ago. Today it has grown into one of the biggest gay pride festivals / around the clock parties in the world!  Most of Southern Decadence happens in the streets of the French Quarter and is free. But a weekend pass is available for admission to events at some of the hottest gay bars in the world, including the famous Bourbon Pub.

For gay people, gay allies, straight people, and every person in between, this festival is worth experiencing. Southern Decadence offers one the unique chance to witness gay pride at its best as well as the unique culture, party atmosphere, and history of the famous French Quarter. This festival is one of a kind so come check out Southern Decadence, we promise you won’t regret it!

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