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When most people think of New Orleans, they think of the food, drink, and music that this city is famous for. While these things are worth savoring and experiencing, there is so much more to this beautiful city than simply food, drink, and music. NOLA is one of the most, if not the most, historically exciting cities in the United States. This rich history is shown through in the architecture of this amazing city as well as the many museums that the city has to offer.

To see the greatness of the museums one needs to look no further than the Louisiana State Museum. This museum’s collection is so large that it cannot be housed in one building alone, but is spread throughout five different locations, all in the beautiful French Quarter. One of these five locations is the Cabildo, only 3.3 miles from our New Orleans B&B.

The Cabildo was built in 1795 and completed in 1799.  It was the seat of the Spanish municipal government .  Members of the Cabildo ( today, we know it as the city council) met there for years.  The Cabildo later became the home of the Louisiana Supreme Court until 1911 when it became part of the Louisiana State Museum.  The exhibits housed in the Cabildo focus on Louisiana’s early history.

The Cabildo is historically significant because it was in this building that in 1803 the American Government signed the Louisiana Purchase and bought the Louisiana territory from the French.  Come see where this historical document was signed and experience the historical excitement that is the Cabildo.  Located at 701 Chartres St. the Cabildo is open every day of the week except Monday from 10am – 4:30pm.
For more info, please check out The Cabildo.


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