Preservation Hall Remembered: 50 Years of Jazz

This exhibit is worth a visit. It showcases the musicians of Preservation Hall, their music, and the art it inspired.You’ll view a collection of paintings, photographs, musical instruments and listen to recordings from strategically located ipods.

For me personally, it was a tribute to Allan and Sandra Jaffe, who in 1961 had the foresight to create the Society for the Preservation of New Orleans Jazz. We owe them a lot. What would NOLA be without the music. They were passionate about the music and offered a place for the musicians to play and earn money. It wasn’t long after that the Preservation Hall Jazz band gained notoriety and began playing worldwide.

For years, Preservation Hall was a gathering place for writers, poets, actors, painters, dancers, photographers, and all the eccentrics that called the French Quarter home. It has always inspired. The building itself …. the music …. the musicians….…..inspirational.

Today the French Quarter has evolved into more of a tourist destination than a community of artists, but Preservation Hall still continues to attract and inspire a younger generation of music lovers and artist.

You may have to wait in line and sit on the floor, but its worth it. If you haven’t yet been to Preservation Hall, include it in your next visit – it’s only 3.5 miles from our New Orleans Bed and Breakfast.

This is a great:

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