A Night of New Orleans Jazz

Whenever one thinks of New Orleans, they think of jazz. And rightly so as we are considered the birthplace of jazz.

One of the nicest clubs to experience our local jazz is Snug Harbor, 626 Frenchman St. 504-949-0696, 5 miles from our New Orleans B&B. With delicious drinks, great regional food, and beautiful 1800s architecture, Snug Harbor is a must for history buffs, food lovers, and cocktail lovers.

There are three rooms at Snug Harbor, the dining room, and bar room and the music room. With great Jazz every night and reasonably priced entrance to the music room (usually between $10-$15), The classy atmosphere of Snug Harbor is unbeatable. Snug Harbor is not a tourist trap. It is a place where locals go to hear jazz and enjoy local cuisine and delicious cocktails.

Open seven days a week, Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro is the perfect place to spend your evening. Surrounded by the culture and class of Frenchman street, and located next to the French Quarter, there are endless opportunities for entertainment within walking distance of Snug Harbor.

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