An Afternoon in Audubon Park

Autobon ParkA perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon in New Orleans is at Audubon Park, only 8 minutes from our New Orleans bed and breakfast in the Garden District.

Audubon Park, located across St Charles Avenue from the Universities, is unique in its beauty and history. During the Civil War the park was used as a Confederate camp and later as a Union hospital. The park began to take it’s current shape in 1884 when it was improved to host the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition. Today the park is host to over 300 acres of green space, a zoo, beautiful walking and biking trails (paved and unpaved,) tennis courts, stables, and many other unique local treasures. Perhaps one of the most intriguing and unique treasures the park has to offer is what the locals refer to as “the tree of life.” This tree, thought to be one of the park’s oldest, has been a gathering place for locals of all ages for over a century. Located in the rear, left part of Audubon Park, just across Magazine Street, this massive tree is hard to miss.


There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in the shade of this beautiful Oak’s massive branches. It is truly a tribute to the wonders of mother nature.

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