French Quarter Secret Gardens Tour

There are treasures behind those French Quarter doors – pass through the narrow alley and discover brick patios, sounds of flowing fountains and 100 year old wisteria vines. This is the living art of a unique part of our New Orleans culture.
The Secret Gardens Tour takes you behind gates and walls to expose the French Quarters most charming secrets.

The general climate in the city is quite tropical as are its lush gardens. You’ll see sweet olive, birds of paradise, jasmine, wisteria, Japanese plums, several varieties of gingers and bougainvillea.

The tour takes place on October 16th and 17th, 2010. Each day, six private walled gardens will open their mysterious gates between noon and 4pm. This is a self guided walking tour so can you linger as long as you like. For more information about the Secret Gardens Tour, contact Patio Planters at

Our New Orleans bed and breakfast in the Garden District is about 10 minutes from the French Quarter.

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