The Evolution of “Who Dat”

In the beginning there was the “WHO DAT”, which grew into a large number of people and became the “WHO DAT NATION”. This nation of people only seem to have black and gold clothing in their closets and don’t seem to mind wearing the same thing over and over. They are also very very loud and make a lot of noise.

The year 2009 brought the “BELIEVE DAT”.  Everyone was pinching each other because the Saints were actually undefeated and the idea of going all the way… well maybe we could… so you just had to “BELIEVE DAT!”

OMG we won the Super Bowl! New Orleans is joyous. Everyone is hugging and jumping up and down. People are singing the “Who Dat” chant in Walmart.

And of course, we have a parade. We just couldn’t get enough, our beloved boys went all the way and we wanted more! So then goes the “REPEAT DAT!


Now the season is finally here and Bret had to admit that we won both games fair and square. So now it’s “TWO DAT”!

Wow, wouldn’t that be something!

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