Animals of the BP Oil Spill

It seems that hundreds of dogs have been pouring into animal shelters across Louisiana as a result of the oil spill. Many of those who make their livelihood from the Gulf can no longer afford to feed their animals in their time of economic stress.

I couldn’t  imagine having to give up my cat, Rags, because I was unable to feed her. I couldn’t imagine being a parent and having to take my child’s best friend away cause you needed to feed the family first. So I called my next door neighbor, Emily and asked if she wanted to join me in raising monies to purchase food.

There are two fishing communities south of New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish on the east side of the  Mississippi River and Plaquemines Parish on the west side. I called each SPCA and was thankful to learn that both were no-kill facilities. Both were  near full capacity and would be thankful for the donation. They would also notify local families that food was available for pickup.

Through the generosity of friends and neighbors, Emily and I raised $1300 . Yesterday we took half of the funds and delivered 14 fifty pound bags of dog food and 20  twenty five pound bags of cat food to PAWS in Plaquemines Parish. We were greeted with huge smiles and thank yous!

In a few weeks we will deliver the same to the distribution center in St. Bernard Parish.

Many thanks to the following for assisting in making this happen:

To neighbors Tommy, Patricia, Randy , Dean, Joann and Skateboard Joey, Bill and Maxine Quick, Robert Jefferies Hair Salon, Dave and Joanie Tomchuck, Ralph and Debbie Jackson, Jerry and Linda Quick,  and friends at the Touro Wellness Center.

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