The National WWII Museum

I have been asked many times why the National WWII Museum is located in New Orleans . This type of world class museum just doesn’t quite fit with our city reputation of “Laisser Les Bon Temp Roules.”

The main reason the museum is located here in NIOLA is that the landing craft used in the invasion of Normandy and elsewhere were actually designed, built and tested here at the Higgins Shipyard. Our own native and historian Stephen Ambrose  spearheaded the efforts to build the museum.

Its easy to spend the entire day and if you are a military history buff you could spend multiple days – a excellent destination during your stay at our New Orleans bed and breakfast. Enter the large lobby  and  you’ll find  a Sherman tank, jeeps and half tracks,  a Higgins Landing Craft, artillery and aircraft.  Aloft , is one of the wars most storied C-47 planes.

There is a 45 minute film of all the news reels that were seen at the movie theaters at the time of the war. This was actually one of the few places the home front was able to keep in touch with what was happening around the world. This is not to be missed.

Upstairs, dramatic galleries take you through the Prelude to War. You’ll assess the political, economic and social distress that led up to the horrific World War II.  You’ll also take a look at what was happening on the Home front .

Learn about the great invasion of Europe. See models of Hitlers deadly Atlantic Wall fortifications and the differences between German and American uniforms, weapons and gear. Marvel at the fleet of 5,000 ships and 11,000 planes that staged the largest amphibious and airborne assault in world history.

Omaha. Utah. Juno. Gold. Sword. Hear moving personal stories from the men that stormed the beaches on that fateful day – June 6, 1944. Understand the ultimate cost of victory.

The attack on Pearl Harbor plunges America into the war. The Pacific Theater is full of maps, artifacts, rare photographs, and personal accounts from soldiers and civilians. You’ll learn about the jungle fighting on Guadalcanal, the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and most sadly the dawn of the atomic age. This was The War That Changed The World.

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