You Can’t Believe What BP said!

The City of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast has been struck by 2 man made disasters in 5 years. First the failure of the federal levee systems during Katrina and now the BP oil spill. We’re are feeling the failures by supposedly the best engineers and frustrated by the lack of a butt-kicking federal response. Our local officials are once again seen crying on national TV.

BP and the Coast Guard are not doing an acceptable job of containing and cleaning up the oil. Do you know that the local mayors and our governor have, for the last 3 weeks, begged for permission to start dredging and building levees outside of the marshes so that the oil could be contained.

Marsh grasses are porous and cannot be cleaned where as sand can. They needed a permit from the Corp who in return needed to do a study to see if that was going to hurt the environment in the future. Can you believe that! While the “study” was going on, the oil has reached our marsh and has killed all the wildlife there as well as the marsh grass itself. The cane will die and just fall off into the water, eliminating even more wetlands.

There just doesn’t seem to be any urgency in the containment and clean up. Will that change when the oil gets caught in the loop current and heads up the east coast?


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