Gulf Oil Spill – You Can help

The people of South Louisiana are sadden by the events in the gulf, actually our hearts are broken. Last year was such a positive, joyful and hopeful time.  Saints football brought New Orleans into almost every home in this country and even around the world. It reminded the world that we are a unique and vibrant culture. Visitors have flocked to New Orleans ever since. We were back and finally leaving Katrina behind.

The oil contamination that looms near our coast could be a bigger disaster than Katrina. Local government and fisherman have teamed up with BP and have been busy laying miles and miles of booms to try to protect our fragile wetlands and estuaries. You can help as well. A Matter of Trust is a non-profit organization that makes oil-absorbing booms out of hosiery items and human and pet hair.

Please encourage your hair  salons, and pet  groomers, to sign up to donate hair and fur clippings. You  and your friends can send any old, snagged, or used hosiery items.

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