The Mystique of the New Orleans Jazz Festival

Jazz Fest Logo

If you haven’t been to Jazz Fest… well, you just have to come. At least once you say, but statistics prove that the average person comes back at least 5 times. I’ve  personally seen it over the years. I have guests that have been with me anywhere from 5 to 8 times at our quiet inn in the Garden District of New Orleans.

So you ask , what is so special about this festival? It is simply a celebration of our unique culture – the  music, food and craftspeople,  the Mardi Gras Indians, social pleasure clubs  and the way these traditions are passed down from generation to generation. That makes our culture special.

Locals passionately love their  New Orleans, and that shared love gives meaning to the  community. Is there really a place where brass bands in the streets aren’t a common site or where on any given night you can find  great music  or where you look forward to crawfish season so that you can have crawfish everyday, or beignets if you feel like it?

Life in NOLA transcends race, profession, gender, neighborhood,  social class, or religion. We are family, and that’s what I think the Jazz Fest demonstrates best.

So if you haven’t been to Jazz Fest… there’s next year. Come and be a part of the  family.

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