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The Delachaise – Uptown’s Upscale, Late-Night

exterior view of the Delachaise Wine Bar located on St. Charles Ave. Actually looks like a steercar, cool copper roofing

The Delachaise

The Delachaise is especially lively when packed with patrons touting plates of delicious, high-class bar food alternatives and topped-off wine and beer glasses. The wine and beer selection is enormous and impressive, with more than 20 different red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, as well as nearly 30 types of bottled beer and several more available on tap. I personnally think that this is the best selection of wine by the glass in the city.

In addition to fine spirits, the Delachaise’s food menu is the result of the chef’s world travels, unique, and served well into the night. In addition to the typical wine bar cheese plates and olives, they are perhaps best known for their French fries cooked in goose fat, frog legs, and flank steak bruschetta. They also serve gourmet grilled cheese and the Boz sandwich, plus Bangkok-style shrimp Clemenceau and Cuban twice-cooked pork.

After ordering your food and drinks at the bar, you can choose to dine inside or outside in their quaint but chic patio courtyard. The unique architecture of the building can really be appreciated from outside, especially its unusual shaped copper roof and the bright red sign matching the red umbrellas out back. Sit back, relax and watch the streetcar go by.

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