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New Orleans Attractions

Southern Food and Beverage Museum , New Orleans

You’ve probably never been to a museum dedicated to food and beverages before.   In fact, it’s almost certain you haven’t, unless you’ve been to Southern Food and Beverage Museum at Riverwalk Marketplace in New Orleans.  The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is the only museum dedicated to the history of food and beverages in the country.   The many ethnicities that have settled in New Orleans since its founding, as well as its physical location as a port on the Mississippi River, all came together to create an indigenous local culture, and of course, cuisine .  Located in New Orleans, intersecting at the crossroads of centuries of colonial rule followed by British-American dominance, SoFAB has a story to tell about how we have always lived life through what we eat.   In New Orleans, we love stories about food!   In many ways, it defines who we are. Eating is, after all, a universal activity. We are all about food  at Southern Comfort Bed and Breakfastlocated in the gorgeous Garden District of New Orleans.

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