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Hell Yes Fest: New Orleans’ Comedy Gold

Prytania TheaterOver the next week, New Orleans’ annual fall comedy fest, Hell Yes Fest (Nov. 12th-18th), will fill seven New Orleans venues with comedy lovers and performers of all types. From sketch and improv to stand-up, films and full productions, dozens of performers will put on shows that have a little something for everyone.

Hell Yes Fest is an annual comedy festival held in November in New Orleans and each April in Austin, TX. While those in the comedy scene have long said that New Orleans has not been a center or accessible city for good comedy, the scene is coming back with a vengeance to prove the quality and quantity of comedians located in and around New Orleans (plus some of the fest’s special visiting acts).

Different shows for Hell Yes Fest take place at a handful of venues throughout the city. Opening night, headlining weekend shows and closing night will all take place at One Eyed Jacks, and Hell Yes Film Fest’s opening night is at Prytania Theater. All sketch comedy shows and podcast recordings are hosted at The New Movement, and all improv comedy shows take place at The Shadowbox. Special production shows take place at Café Istanbul. Most stand-up comedy shows are held at Hi-Ho Lounge except for one stand-up showcase which will be held at House of Blues.

The Hell Yes Film Fest is the cinematic portion of the comedy festival. Screenings for the spotlight feature The Bounceback and NOLA Webseries Sunken City will be held at Prytania Theater on Wednesday, Nov. 13th. The Standup/Short Film Mashup, featuring such short films as Red Light, Model Wife and How It’s Made, will take place at Hi-Ho Lounge on Thursday, Nov. 14th. On Friday, Nov. 15th, you can see the film Summer League at Café Istanbul. read more »