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New Orleans Dining

Slurping Oysters: A Favorite New Orleans Pastime


Salty and slippery, Louisiana oysters are a delicacy long enjoyed by natives and visitors to New Orleans and its surrounding areas. They’re consumed in a variety of ways, from raw, grilled, or charbroiled to fried on a po’ boy and served as oyster dressing on holiday tables. We’re currently in the heart of what is deemed to be the true oyster season, which lasts from September till April and is the non-breeding season for these tasty mollusks.

Oysters are found in their various forms across New Orleans. Some restaurants are known for their oyster specialties, such as Oysters Rockefeller, created by Antoine’s in the French Quarter, founded in 1840. Pascal’s Manale Uptown is known for their New Orleans’ style Bar-B-Que shrimp. Casamento’s on Magazine St is famous for their oyster loaf, a specially dressed and fried oyster po’ boy.

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