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Our Guests

Southern Comfort Celebrates our Veterans

Southern Comfort participated in the B&B’s for Vets Promotion. All across the nation B&B’s offered a  free nights accommodation to honor servicemen and women currently serving or who have previously served.

I was honored to have shared my home with folks from Washington DC, Alabama, and Saint Louis. Pictured above are Steve and Hong Perry with Daniel and Sara Broaddus.
Steve retired from the Army  as a medic after serving  overseas in Iraq. He is presently teaching Leadership Tactics in the ROTC department at the University of South Alabama . His wife Hong had her own story to tell as she was a refugee from Vietnam.
Daniel served 2 tours in Vietnam as an Army sergeant. Today Dan is a 100 % disabled veteran with prostrate cancer that has been linked back to his exposure to agent orange while he was in Vietnam.

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Our Guests

The Twisted Sisters Visit New Orleans Bed & Breakfast

So….you’re into your 15th year of 24/7 and you haven’t slept past 6 am since God knows when cause the Saints won the Super Bowl. The city is bursting with vistors and we’re having occupancies levels like never before which is a good thing….but you soooo tired.

And you’re wondering ” why did I give up that  9 to 5 corporate job with weekends off and a paid vacation!!!!”

And then the doorbell rings. You open the door and you meet the girls. You fall in love instantly and the next 5 days are delightful. Now you remember why you do this thing called Innkeeping!

Meet the” Twisted Sisters”. They have flown in from the Carolina’s, New Jersey, Ohio and Florida to pass a good time as we say in New Orleans.What they have in common is that they meet in the late fifties while attending nursing school.

Now these aren’t your ordinary 70 year olds. They are vivacious, beautiful, smart, funny and loving. All with a very unique personality. Best of all, they wear the coolest  jewelry! read more »