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A Party for a Sandwich, 2011 Po-Boy Festival Nov. 20th

The Po- Boy Festival  is only 5 years old, but it was an instant hit from the get go. How could it not be when it involves one of the best food items in New Orlean’s culinary culture. We all have fond memories of roast beef gravy dripping down your face and those whole loaf po-boys  from the Bakery on Franklin Ave in Gentilly. Can you picture that…a 3 foot sandwich for the whole family!

This sandwich has been a staple of local cuisine forever and can be  stuffed with anything from roast beef to french fries and brown gravy all tucked inside a fresh loaf of french bread. What makes this festival so much fun is the creativity. Today you’ll find pork cheeks po-boys, vegetarian po-boys and even one from the Vietnamese community. There are no rules.  And there are forty vendors to choose from. A word of advice ….. go hungry!

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