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New Orleans Dining

A New Orleans Tradition, Hubig Pies





As a kid, I grew up eating  Hubig pies, as did my parents and my parents parents.  But what exactly are these wonderful delights and where did they come from?

Hubig Pies are a fried turnover, originally created in Dallas by Simon Hubig. Hubig was a German immigrant and a master baker. He recognized the popularity of his hand – held pies and expanded his operations to Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, and into Georgia. His dreams of  going national were crushed by the stock market crash of 1929. He was forced to sell all of his bakeries except for the one on New Orleans. He also had to take on a partner, which is how the Bowman family came to be the current owners of the bakery.

The bakery has been located in the same building on Dauphine Street for at least 80 years. They are fried and smothered in sugary icing, and distributed in nearly 3500 retailers in southern Louisiana . No doubt about it, we love our Hubig Pies! They come in all sorts of flavors , ranging from apple, lemon, pineapple, chocolate, sweet potato, banana, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and coconut. read more »

New Orleans Dining

New Orleans Chefs Nominated for James Beard Awards

The  James Beard food awards  recognizes New Orleans chefs.

The James Beard award are like an Oscar in the food world. The list of nominees were released on Monday and celebrated with a special ceremony at the Palace Cafe.

The nominees for the best chef in the south are Lilette’s John Harris and  Stella!’s Scott Boswell.

Rising star chef of the year award category goes to Sue Zemanick of Gautreau’s .

Nominated for their cookbooks are two of  New Orleans prominent chefs, John Besh and his My New Orleans cookbook, and  Cochon’s Donald Link for  his book Real Cajun. read more »