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New Orleans French Quarter Secret Gardens Tour

 There are treasures behind those French Quarter doors . Pass through the narrow alley and discover  brick patios, sounds of flowing fountains and 100 year old wisteria vines. This is the  living art of a unique part of our New Orleans culture.
 The Secret Gardens Tour takes you behind gates and walls to expose the French Quarters most charming secrets.

The general climate in New Orleans is quite tropical as are its lush gardens. You’ll see sweet olive, birds of paradise, jasmine, wisteria, Japanese plums, several varieties of gingers and bougainvillea. read more »

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Brigtsen’s Restaurant

Do you know, that at this moment New Orleans has 1111 restaurants! Over 300  new establishments have opened since  Katrina. We may not do some things right in Louisiana but we do know how to enjoy food!

This will be the beginning of a new blog category. we will call it simply New Orleans Restaurants. It is  only my humble review. Before you make dining reservations for your next visit to our fun city check our blog archives for a locals perspective.

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New Orleans Attractions New Orleans Dining

The Old Absinthe House , 200 years of New Orleans History

One of the top historical stops in the French Quarter is the Old Absinthe House. This landmark is located at the intersection of Bourbon and Bienville. The bar was named the Absinthe Room when drinking absinthe grew in popularity in New Orleans.

Despite its nasty side effects – delirium , kidney failure, hallucinatory fugues and death – absinthe was hugely fashionable among  Victorian Orleanians and especially favored by  the musicians, madams of Storyville, the poets and artists in the French Quarter. The Absinthe Room was the epicenter of the absinthe fad , and its infamous cocktail attracted famous patrons. Oscar Wilde, Mark twain, Robert E. Lee, Sarah Bernhardt and Walt Whitman were among those that stopped in for a taste. Mixologist, Cayetano Ferrer created the absinthe frappe, a mind numbing mixture of absinthe and anisette poured over ice.

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Louisiana Swamp Festival at the Audubon Zoo

Fall is around the corner and with it comes the annual Louisiana Swamp Festival at the Audubon Zoo. This is a great festival celebrating the Cajun culture and heritage .

 The main stage is set amongst the wonderful live oaks and a great place to bring a blanket and settle in for a lively afternoon of  Cajun and Zydeco music.
BeauSoleil, Rosie Ledet and Terrence Simien are only a few of the favorites that will appear.

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The National WWII Museum New Orleans

I have been asked many times why the National WWII Museum is located in New Orleans . This type of world class museum just doesn’t quite fit with our city reputation of “Laisser Les Bon Temp Roules.”

The main reason the museum is located here in New Orleans is that the landing craft used in the invasion of Normandy and elsewhere were actually designed, built and tested here at the Higgins Shipyard. New Orleans native and historian Stephen Ambrose  spearheaded the efforts to build the museum.

Its easy to spend the entire day and if you are a military history buff you could spend days. Enter the large lobby  and  you’ll find  a Sherman tank, jeeps and halftracks,  a Higgins Landing Craft, artillery and aircraft.  Aloft , is one of the wars most storied C-47 planes.

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New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park

      The New Orleans Botanical Garden is located within City Park and was the first classical garden open to the public. It opened in 1936 with the help of redevelopment funds alloted by the national WPA program to help boost the nation’s economy during the Great Depression. The botanical gardens were revamped in the 1980′s, and it now contains over 2,000 species of plants from around the world.
The entire botanical gardens are composed of many miniture gardens, each with their own identity, including a Butterfly Walk, Lord & Taylor Rose Garden, Demonstration Garden, and Exotic Foliage. Maps are available to guide you through the gardens, and “Dial to Discover” stations allow one to use a cell phone to dial in and learn about different areas. They also offer a Spring and Fall lecture series for those interested.

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