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A Weekend Escape to the Past: Louisiana Renaissance Festival




The eagerly anticipated, annual Louisiana Renaissance Festival transforms 16 acres of Hammond, LA, into the town of Albright, which emulates an historical 16th-century village in England during its fall harvest festival. The entire staff is required to dress in the style of that time—which is encouraged for visitors, or “villagers,” as well—and there are a host of special activities to bring to life this truly Renaissance experience.

Located about an hour’s drive from New Orleans, the LA Renaissance Fest is not only entertaining, it’s educational and filling as well. There are forty stage shows every day, plus minstrels, jugglers, singing pirates, clowns, fire-eaters, sword-fighting, games, rides, and jousting for the delight of kids and adults alike. Every turn brings more craft demonstrations, from glassblowing and blacksmithing to candle making and woodworking. read more »