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Louisiana Attractions

Film Industry in New Orleans

New Orleans is a cinematic city, steeped in visual clichés.  We all know about the feature films, television shows and television commercials that get made here. HBO’s Treme’ has shone a spotlight on the local music industry, and given quite a few locals work.  Right now, it seems everyone is either working in the film business in some capacity, or trying to avoid film crews!  But it’s not just the out-of-towners who are coming here to take advantage of our scenery and the Louisiana tax credit program for filming.  Talented young filmmakers who live right here are making acclaimed movies right here.

For example, Jeff, Who Lives at Home opened this past weekend nationally.   Directed by a pair of New Orleans brothers, products of Jesuit High School, and filmed mostly in Metairie (to look like Baton Rouge!), the movie has received great reviews.   It’s the latest in a series of several features by Jay and Mark Duplass, who wrote, directed and produced Cyrus and Baghead before Jeff, Who Lives at Home.    The movie, about a 30-year old slacker who lives in his mom (Susan Sarandon)’s basement in Baton Rouge , is acclaimed as a mature piece of filmmaking.
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