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New Orleans French Quarter Street Artist

The Living Portrait

The Living Portrait






From human statues to fortune tellers, New Orleans is the number one place to  experience the most unique street performers in the world. Visitors can find  some of the most interesting types of street artists year round. Painters, cartoonists, tarot card readers, usicians, dancers, jugglers, and magicians  can be found throughout the French Quarter, entertaining locals and tourists  alike. Enjoying the street art of New Orleans is one of the least expensive  ways to appreciate the city, especially for those visitors or locals on a  budget. It is important to remember, however, that while the entertainment  and performances are done for free, many street artists make their living from  their talents. If by chance you take a photo or find ourself pleasantly entertained,  it is a kind gesture to provide a tip to the street performer or artist. Tips
help keep the street art of Crescent City alive and thriving!

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