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New Orleans Dining

Carrollton Ave: Lots of Foodie Fare


Carrollton Ave is a long, 4-mile thoroughfare of food and fun that extends from Uptown at the Riverbend to Mid-City at Bayou St. John. It’s split into N. Carollton and S. Carrollton by Canal St in the Mid-City area of the street, and both sides offer a wide range of local and international foodie fare. You can find addresses and phone numbers for these restaurants at NOMenu.com.

Beginning in the Riverbend at the far end of S. Carrollton, you’ll find everything from Louisiana Pizza Kitchen and O’Henry’s to Cooter Brown’s Tavern’s selection of oysters and beer to great late-night diner food at Camellia Grill. Farther down you’ll find New Orleans classics at the long-time establishment Ye Olde College Inn.

In terms of more international foods, you’ll find a wealth of options on the S. Carrollton side Uptown. There’s great Thai food at LA Thai, Bangkok Thai and Basil Leaf. Lebanon’s features Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, and Café Granada next door serves up Spanish tapas. Mona’s Café also has great Middle Eastern food. There are several Chinese restaurants, including China Orchid, China Palace, Chinese Kitchen, Dragon King and, the local favorite, Five Happiness. Little Korea boasts great Korean fare, and Little Tokyo Noodle Bar and Mikimoto cover Japanese foods. Jazmine Café also has fantastic Vietnamese food.

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New Orleans Dining

Late-Night Dining in the Garden District/Uptown Area of New Orleans


exterior view of the Delachaise Wine Bar located on St. Charles Ave. Actually looks like a steercar, cool copper roofing

The Delachaise Wine Bar, great place for late night eats.

Looking for some late-night nom noms? A long day seeing the sights or hitting the town can work up quite the appetite. Luckily, New Orleans has some of the finest food in the world, even at all hours of the night. Not far from Southern Comfort, your New Orleans B&B and throughout Uptown New Orleans, you can find a wide variety of grub whenever hunger may strike.

Delachaise (3442 St. Charles Ave) serves up a swanky menu of wine, beer, and high-class food—a substantial upgrade from your typical late-night apps and cheeseburger fare. From cheese plates, pate, and eggplant cannolis to smoked salmon cakes, frog legs, and Cuban twice-cooked pork, guests can enjoy a wide variety of classy dishes and imported beer late into the evening. They have an incredible selection of wine by the glass. This is  also a good last stop for dessert, their Chocolate Molten Cake is to die for.

Open 24-7-365, The Avenue Pub (1732 St. Charles Ave) boasts one of the largest and best beer selections in town, as well as a unique and impressive menu of nontraditional burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Try out the Dump Truck Fries, topped with pork roast, slow-cooked, au jus, and sautéed onions, Green Goblins, jalapeno, cream cheese, and bacon-stuff wonton shells, or The Tea Time, an Indian-inspired sandwich with chicken, kiwi, cucumber, and cucumber cream cheese spread.

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