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Books and Beasts: Fundraiser for SoFAB Culinary Library

Books and Beast Fundraiser 2013





It’s not news that in New Orleans, everything centers on food—and that includes books.  New Orleans Public Library has partnered with SoFAB (Southern Food and Beverage Museum) to create the first-ever culinary library branch of NOPL as a satellite branch, at a renovated building on O.C. Haley Blvd.  With over 9,000 volumes of vintage and contemporary cookbooks and food reference books collected by SoFAB, this is the first library branch in that neighborhood since the 1940s.  It’s intended as a way to celebrate cooking and the love of food, contributing to the area’s unique identify and culture.  It’s also part of what the NOPL is calling a “living collection,” passing down traditions to the next generation.

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