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Bacchagator, a favorite float in the Bacchus Parade

Bacchus, the Greek mythological god of wine and cheer, is also known as one of New Orleanians’ favorite Mardi Gras parades.  The Krewe of Bacchus was officially formed in 1968 and was a creation of the Brennan family, a name well-known for their local fine dining establishments.  Over the years the group has grown into one of the largest and most popular Carnival parades, noted for its sheer size, impressive animated floats, and celebrity riders such as Bob Hope, Nicolas Cage, Elijah and James Gandolfini.

Some of Bacchus’s signature floats include the Bacchasaurus, King, Queen, and Baby Kong, and Bacchagator. The Bacchagator was the first 2 tandem super float ever built  and extends 105 feet.  Over the years a net was added to reflect all the beads that would end up back in the mouth of the gator.  This is my favorite parade that passes down the traditional parade route down St. Charles Ave. such a treat to be only two blocks away.

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