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New Orleans Attractions

Superdome Super Bowl 2013: On the Road to New Orleans

2013 Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2013 is upon us, and this year, the city of New Orleans plays host to the biggest national sporting event of the year. Sports fans, media, celebrities, and thousands upon thousands of other visitors will flock to the city over the coming weeks to prepare and celebrate the culmination of the 2012-2013 football season.

The teams are set. The Baltimore Ravens will be facing the San Francisco 49ers, who happen to be a longtime rival of the Saints since a time when both teams were in the same division. Fans of both teams will come down for the game with tickets and/or jerseys in hand, and New Orleans will welcome them with open arms, despite past rivalries and dashed hopes of having the Saints in the Superdome Super Bowl (New Orleanians will smile through gritted teeth when Commissioner Goodell comes to town).

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