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New Orleans Events

Opera on Tap had brought Opera back to New Orleans

Rusty Nail




In October 2007, New Orleans partnered with Opera on Tap in New York City to create the first Opera on Tap franchise in a city so rich with musical talent and history, it seemed only fitting that the next one would be here. The organization is now hosting their 7th season in the city, and it continues to grow each year.

The New Orleans Chapter of Opera on Tap features some of the finest vocal talent in the city, who perform 90-minute concerts of opera, Broadway and more. The singers pack the venues they perform in—including The Rusty Nail, their home base—with opera and music lovers of all ages, often with a drink in hand to add to the special occasion. This location can be easily reached by the St. Charles Ave streetcar which is only 2 blocks from our B&B.

The music may seem a stark contrast to the typical bar setting, but that’s one aspect that makes these shows so interesting and unique. The crowds get just as into the music and applause as they would any other live music show in the city, perhaps except for the more reverential quiet during the actual performance which is sometimes on a mic and sometimes not. read more »