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Snug Harbor

Snug HarborIf you’re looking for a classic New Orleans music experience, catch a contemporary jazz set at the genre’s famed local destination, Snug Harbor. Snug Harbor (626 Frenchmen St) is located at the edge of Frenchmen St, the popular strip of New Orleans music clubs in the Marigny neighborhood to the east of the French Quarter. A smaller, more intimate venue—a perfect setting for the music it hosts—Snug Harbor is one of the most famous music venues in the city.

Snug Harbor hosts two sets of music (8 and 10pm) seven nights a week. The music calendar has some performers in regular slots and a hearty mix of other local artists on most other days of the week. Mondays are often hosted by singer Charmaine Neville, and Wednesdays, the Uptown Jazz Orchestra. The rest of the week is open to a wide range of contemporary jazz artists, though you can often find Ellis Marsalis taking over the Friday sets.

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New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints – Black and Gold are Back!

Jimmy Buffet in concert wearing a "Free Payton Tee-Shirt. Coach Payton is on the stage .


It’s no secret that the New Orleans Saints are a sacred lifeline of the city as a whole. After Hurricane Katrina, both the city and franchise rebuilt, revisited old ways, and rethought a new plan for success and renewal. That first home game in the Superdome in fall 2006 was one of the most magical moments in both Saints and New Orleans’ history.

On Sundays, game days—and really any day—black and gold jerseys, hats, car stickers, and every type of merchandise imaginable in between, are donned with both team and city pride. During Saints season, we live from Sunday to Sunday, discuss past and upcoming games at the water cooler, and excitedly plan the food and beverage menus for each game gathering.

Without the Saints every season, we admittedly all feel a little lost. For fans, players, and coaches alike, this offseason has felt particularly long and anxious. The stretch of months without a Saints game normally feels long enough already, but with the summer’s never-ending bounty allegations case, the time passed twice as slowly.

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New Orleans Saints

Who Dat….GEAUX Saints!

Many cities in the U.S. are crazy about their football teams, but the Saints are extra special to New Orleanians.

Most everyone in the region considers football another religion and they accept the Saints as their saviors.  In fact, so much so, that the Archbishop wore a Drew Brees Saints jersey under his robe while performing a “black & gold mass” the day after the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009.  The Archbishop was so moved by the Saints’ victory, that he even got the Vatican’s approval to fly the Saints Super Bowl championship flag from St. Louis Cathedral in place of the papal flag that day!  Since then, flying the Saints flag from St. Louis Cathedral, in the heart of the French Quarter, for one day, has become an annual tradition.

The 2009 Super Bowl game  brought all New Orleanians together as they watched a history making event….for the first time in 44 years the Saints claimed the Super Bowl! The Saint’s organization used that momentum & national recognition in countless charitable ways to support the city of New Orleans’ continued struggle to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. All recognize & appreciate how much our home team has done for our city & that gratitude will always remain.

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