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New Orleans Events

Bicycle Second Line May 2012

We are a particularly bike-friendly town here in New Orleans in many ways.   The streets are level—no hills!  And the city itself is small and compact enough to get around in easily.  According to the 2009 United States Census, New Orleans is ranked sixth of cities with populations over 250,000, having the largest percentage of workers using a bicycle to commute to their job. Bicyclists account for 2.47 percent of all the city’s commuters.

In the last couple of years, the city has increased bike lanes and promoted bicycling as an environmentally-friendly and economical way to get around.  It’s part of a national trend—and has anyone been to the gas station lately?  Wow, gas prices are high. Before Hurricane Katrina, there existed seven miles of shared lanes, bike lanes, and bike paths throughout the city.  Now there’s much more—see for a map of New Orleans bike facilities, highlighting potholes, traffic projects, and everything that might make a difference to somebody on two wheels. Also, the long-awaited Lafitte Corridor project is under way between the French Quarter and Lakeview, transforming a 3.1-mile strip into a stunning public park.

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New Orleans Events

NOLA Navy Week

The country was young in 1812, but Louisiana had already been around for a while.  Although we achieved statehood only on April 30, 1812, we had been a colony under France from 1699-1763 and Spain from 1763-1803.  With the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, of course, Louisiana became an American possession.  Although it was rough going at first, with the Louisiana Catholic French and Spanish Creole culture colliding with the Americans, we all pulled together when the country went to war.  In many ways, America gained its identity as a nation during the War of 1812.  Certainly, that’s when our “song” was written– what later became our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

This week, we get to relive those events of 200 years ago, when the very young United States of America went to war with England in the War of 1812.  Louisiana played a part in the war, of course, and NOLA Navy Week is kicking off the commemoration of the war this week, from April 17 through April 23.  Similar celebrations will take place in Norfolk, New York, Cleveland, Boston and Baltimore, but we get the honor of beginning and ending the celebration. In 2015, on the bicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans, there’ll be another celebration. And that’s only appropriate, because the British were out to get us here in 1812, and we stood our ground at the Battle of New Orleans, Battle of Lake Borgne, and another assault in Algiers and later at Fort St. Philip in lower Placquemines Parish before the British finally gave up.

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New Orleans Events

Become Artfully AWARE

Becoming Artfully AWARE: Linking Local and International Communities through the Arts. The special event will be held at New Orleans Museum of Art Friday, February 3rd, 5pm – 10pm

Hear live music by Irvin Mayfield Jazz Playhouse’s Musical Director, Michael Watson, and be amazed by a cultural performance from Guardians of the Flame, Mardi Gras Indian Tribe.

View exhibitions from Ogden Museum of Southern Art & Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans. Marvel at artwork & photography created by Professional Artists from New Orleans & around the world including: Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

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The Satchmo Summer Festival

New Orleans is known for its jazz history and culture. We honor this historical Jazz culture with a celebration of New Orleans own, Louis Armstrong “Satchmo.”  The New Orleans Satchmo Summer Festival is a free American Jazz festival put on by the French Quarter Festivals Inc. to celebrate the life and works of Louis Armstrong.  Featuring free local New Orleans jazz, the Satchmo Festival will be held from August 4th-7th in the French Quarter, at the Louisiana State Museum’s Old U.S. Mint, only steps away from the French Market. read more »

New Orleans Events

Upcoming July Festivals In New Orleans

Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans is a must for all those who love cocktails or want to experience the cocktail recipes and mixology New Orleans is famous for.  Held from July 20-24 2011. With over 150 events, for experts and amateurs alike, there is sure to be plenty to do for all at this unique festival. This is much more than a celebration but also a great learning experience. There are seminars, competitions, tastings, dinner pairings and workshops. Tickets are limited.
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Its Carnival Time in New Orleans

It’s that time of the year! The city is taking down Christmas decorations and putting up purple, green and gold. It’s a very magical and fun time. Being a native and taking all that our city has to offer for granted, we sometimes forget how these traditions are viewed from the outside world. Here is a list of questions that I am typically asked about  Mardi Gras in case you are  also curious about the basics of the celebration.

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New Orleans Community New Orleans Events

New Orleans Christmas Concerts

New Orleans is celebrating Christmas! An endearing tradition is the Christmas concert series at the St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter.

Enjoy jazz, gospel, classical and traditional music performed by some of our finest local talent.

Mon.       Dec. 6th             Ellis Marsalis
Wed.       Dec. 8th             Zion Harmonizers
Sun.        Dec. 12th            Ingrid  Lucia
Mon.       Dec.  13th           Trish Foti Genco
Tues.      Dec.  14th            Danny O’Flaherty
Wed.       Dec. 15th            Tom McDermott
Thurs.     Dec. 16th            Philip Manuel
Sun.        Dec. 19th            St Louis Cathedral Basilica Concert
Mon.       Dec.  20th           Waltler Wolfman Washington
Tues.       Dec.  21st           Irvin Mayfield

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