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New Orleans’ MoPho Serves Up Eclectic Asian Cuisine

One of the latest Asian restaurants to open up this year, MoPho in Mid-City (514 City Park Ave) is a New Orleans-Asian fusion restaurant that features delectable dishes that are sure to both satisfy and entertain your palette with unique and vibrant flavors.

MoPho is open for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. Sunday through Saturday and closes at 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. It’s located blocks away from City Park in the picturesque Mid-City neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Canal St streetcar.

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MoPro aims to combine New Orleans classics with Asian traditions to explore all new flavors. On the appetizer list are Crispy Chicken Wings coated with lemongrass and ginger, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, Gulf Shrimp or Pork Shoulder Spring Rolls with fermented pepper and peanut, and Crispy Friend P&J Oysters with MoPho Mayo (another crowd favorite), Easter egg radish and pickled blue cheese.

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Three Best Snoball Stands in New Orleans

In New Orleans, we take snoballs very seriously. The season extends even longer than actual summer (though it admittedly gets hotter long before official summer too), and it’s a joyous return when it does, despite the heat that may come with it. Snoballs are the perfect sweet treat on a hot day, whether you like them fruity, creamy, with ice cream in the middle or drenched in condensed milk.

While you can find plenty of snoball stands in New Orleans, a few of them really get it right. Here are three of the best snoball stands in the city.

Hansen’s Sno-Bliz (Uptown – 4801 Tchoupitoulas St)

Guaranteed, you will wait in some sort of line for a Hansen’s snoball, but it will always be worth it. This Uptown gem makes all of its own flavors using Mary Hansen’s original and secret recipes from back when she opened the joint with her husband Ernest in 1939. They even use the original machine they had back in the day. They make the snoballs in layers so that the snoball is packed with flavor all the way down to the very bottom.

little girl with blonde hair in a blue dress eating a snoball


Pandora’s (Mid-City – 901 N Carrolton Ave)

You can bet that especially on a hot day, this snoball corner store always has a line as well. It’s tucked into the middle of Mid-City just blocks away from City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art and sits right on the Canal St streetcar line for easy access. This stand is also known for getting heavy-handed on the syrup, so if you like your snoball particularly sweet, Pandora’s will hit it right out of the park—City Park, that is.

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New Orleans Dining

Celebrate Fine Local Dining at COOLinary New Orleans

Throughout the month of August, New Orleans residents and visitors are treated to a superb dining experience—the annual COOLinary New Orleans event, sponsored by the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau. The month features unbeatable deals on high-quality New Orleans cuisine hosted by restaurants throughout the city, and all are invited to partake in the foodie celebration.

With COOLinary New Orleans, restaurants offer special lunch and dinner menus crafted just for the summertime—a way to “cool down,” as the event hosts describe it. More than 50 restaurants participate each year, and each hope that their unique menu will help them become a new favorite for locals and tourists alike.Shrimp Dish

For a taste of the coming menus, Café Degas offers its own $20 lunch and $33 dinner menus at the restaurant, located in the historic Faubourg St. John area and Mid-City on Esplanade Ave, the street that divides the French Quarter and the Marigny down closer to the Mississippi River. GW Fins in the French Quarter, which prints a new menu daily, will take diners on a culinary expedition around the world with its $35 dinner menus offered Sunday through Thursday. The Pelican Club, also in the French Quarter, will offer a COOLinary $35 dinner menu as well. And this is just a small sample of what’s to come, though the prices ($20 lunch, $35 dinner, both either two or three-courses) will be fairly standard at most participating restaurants. read more »

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Sobou – New Brennan’s Restaurant in the French Quarter


Voted one of the 25 Most Important Restaurants of 2013 by Zagat, SoBou is an up-and-coming niche restaurant in the French Quarter that focuses just as much on spirits as its neighbor, Bourbon St (SoBou stands for South of Bourbon), but with an upscale and gourmet class that is truly inimitable.

Owned by the Commander’s Family of Restaurants, SoBou describes itself as, “a modern Creole saloon” and “a Louisiana-centric and street food inspired restaurant with a beverage focus,” hence its tagline of being “A Spirited Restaurant South of Bourbon.” This French Quarter gem serves everything from breakfast, brunch and lunch to exquisite dinners and even their “Happier Hour.”young lady dressed in red with a flower in her hair sitting at the bar with an array of cocktails in front of her

SoBou consists of a main dining room, a semi-private pool room, a beer garden with beer taps in the tables and self-serve wine machines, a bar with a bar chef table and The Saloon, a semi-private room for up to 10 guests. The décor is classy with large wrap around booths and walls full of well-lit empty glass bottles, which provide a distinct ambience that complements the food and drinks.

The dinner menu is nothing short of inventive and impressive, beginning with Snacky Things like Yellowfin Tuna Cones with pineapple ceviche and basil avocado ice cream and upgraded bar snacks like $1 pork cracklin’s, $4 Creole beer nuts and $4 boudin balls. Small Bites include Sweet Potato Beignets and a Louisiana Strawberry & Kale Salad, and Big Bites include a Foie Gras Burger, Creole Chili Mustard Painted Gulf Fish and Breaux Bridge Crawfish Salad. Top it off with a dessert like Cherries Jubille & White Chocolate Bread Pudding or a Candied Pecan Chocolate Fudge Brownie, layered with bruleed banana filling, brandy spiked strawberries and sea salt caramel.

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Best Locally Owned New Orleans Steakhouses

You may not come to New Orleans for a steak, but you probably shouldn’t leave without trying one. Steakhouses have been a tradition in New Orleans as institutionalized as any other city, and these steakhouses have learned exactly how to perfect their offerings to present sizzling, mouth-watering steaks any steak lover would be proud to say they had on their last visit to the city.

New Orleans has a number of excellent steakhouses for you to try, but here is a guide to a few of the best New Orleans steakhouses that have been around for awhile now—and have never lost the gusto their steaks are famous for.

red brick building with neon light and an attached sigh

Charlie’s Steakhouse (4510 Dryades St)

Charlie’s Steakhouse Uptown is another local institution, having been in business since 1932. The restaurant was run by three generations of the Petrossi family, who claim that there’s nothing fancy about Charlie’s unless it’s your first time. It’s simply a classically well-prepared and sizzling steak you have to taste to believe. Once upon a time, customers didn’t even order off a menu (as it didn’t exist), and servers let them know exactly what they were having on that particular visit. Try “The Charlie,” a thick-cut 32-ounce T-bone, the New York strip or an 18-ounce ribeye.


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The History and Recipe Behind New Orleans’ BBQ Shrimp

BBQ Shrimp is an iconic New Orleans dish. In New Orleans, BBQ Shrimp isn’t about slathering grilled or fried shrimp in a ton of BBQ sauce. Rather, it is a shrimp dish delicately prepared in a rich butter sauce flavored with Worcestershire and white wine and eaten with dripping dipped French bread. You can find iterations at various restaurants and in homes across the city, but the original recipe comes from an Uptown restaurant, Pascal’s Manale.

Pascal Manale's

In the mid-1950s, the local Italian restaurant Pascal’s Manale, opened in 1913 on Napoleon Ave, invented the New Orleans BBQ shrimp recipe. The story goes that one of the restaurant’s regulars, Vincent Sutro, had just returned from a business trip to Chicago, and he began explaining a delicious dish he had there to chef Jake Radosta. He knew it had something to do with shrimp, butter and a lot of pepper, and he asked Radosta if he could try to make it.

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ll Posto Café, an Italian Café in Uptown New Orleans

If you love when a restaurant takes a simple concept and perfects it rather than try to be a dozen different things, you have to try ll Posto Café in the heart of Uptown, New Orleans, just a short walk away our Garden District Bed and Breakfast. This café takes the essentials of Italian foodie culture and has created a quaint menu with delicious foods and drinks that has earned them loyal crowds of locals and is getting them on the radar of visitors staying in the area as well.

tan colored wooden building a large window and two glass wooden framed doors

The café is open from breakfast time to well past dinner, 9 p.m. on all nights but Sunday, when it closes at 3 p.m., and Mondays when it is not open. With these kinds of hours, Il Posto has fostered specific crowds for each meal, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-dinner drinks and appetizers. Whether you’re looking for a light breakfast of bagels and fresh brewed coffee or a classic gourmet grilled cheese, you can find foods to satisfy cravings throughout the day at ll Posto.

ll Posto’s breakfast menu is simple but well-done and includes bagels with several different spreads, organic granola and yogurt as well as hard-boiled eggs. For a light lunch or dinner, you could try any of the salads, such as its caprese or Italian tuna, as well as bruschetta, several cheese plates, such as Piedmonte Region sheep, goat and cow’s milk, a few variations of grilled cheese sandwiches and paninis and assorted crostinis. read more »