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A Day at the Fest: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2013

Jumpin Johnny

While the possibility of afternoon showers threatened last Saturday’s Jazz Fest celebration, the day turned out to be a hot but beautiful one—one full of breathtaking music, incredible food and all the friendly passersby you could meet wishing you a “Happy Fest!”

The walk up to the Fairgrounds from your parking spot  is one of the unspoken moments of fest fun. Together you join ample fellow walkers all streaming from different tree-lined blocks, some carrying chairs, others carrying beers in coozies and others carrying nothing but the bright, summery clothes on their backs.  You know that the excitement of  Jazz Fest is in the air and all around you.

 I always have to run to my favorite food first. Folks don’t realizr that some of the food at the fest can only be found at the fest.  So not only are you anxious to see some good music, your taste buds are screaming  for Mango Sorbet,  Crawfish Strudel, Crawfish Monica …just to name a few of my favorites. And the strudel is as good as always!

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A Weekend Escape to the Past: Louisiana Renaissance Festival




The eagerly anticipated, annual Louisiana Renaissance Festival transforms 16 acres of Hammond, LA, into the town of Albright, which emulates an historical 16th-century village in England during its fall harvest festival. The entire staff is required to dress in the style of that time—which is encouraged for visitors, or “villagers,” as well—and there are a host of special activities to bring to life this truly Renaissance experience.

Located about an hour’s drive from New Orleans, the LA Renaissance Fest is not only entertaining, it’s educational and filling as well. There are forty stage shows every day, plus minstrels, jugglers, singing pirates, clowns, fire-eaters, sword-fighting, games, rides, and jousting for the delight of kids and adults alike. Every turn brings more craft demonstrations, from glassblowing and blacksmithing to candle making and woodworking. read more »


A Party for a Sandwich, 2011 Po-Boy Festival Nov. 20th

The Po- Boy Festival  is only 5 years old, but it was an instant hit from the get go. How could it not be when it involves one of the best food items in New Orlean’s culinary culture. We all have fond memories of roast beef gravy dripping down your face and those whole loaf po-boys  from the Bakery on Franklin Ave in Gentilly. Can you picture that…a 3 foot sandwich for the whole family!

This sandwich has been a staple of local cuisine forever and can be  stuffed with anything from roast beef to french fries and brown gravy all tucked inside a fresh loaf of french bread. What makes this festival so much fun is the creativity. Today you’ll find pork cheeks po-boys, vegetarian po-boys and even one from the Vietnamese community. There are no rules.  And there are forty vendors to choose from. A word of advice ….. go hungry!

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Southern Decadence is Just Around the Corner!

New Orleans claims to be one of the most gay friendly cities in the United States, perhaps the world. Come  cele-bate the unique New Orleans gay culture and pride in what is considered to be the largest gay event in New Orleans, the Southern Decadence Festival.  Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Southern Decadence 2011 will be held on Labor Day Week-end (Wednesday Aug. 31st – Monday Sept. 5th.)  Most of the Southern Decadence events are held in the French Quarter, but for a full listing of events just check out this easy to read map.

Southern Decadence started out as a small gay pride festival in New Orleans 40 years ago.  Today it has grown into one of the biggest gay pride festivals / around the clock parties in the world!  Most of Southern Decadence happens in the streets of the French Quarter and is free.  But a weekend pass is available for admission to events at some of the hottest gay bars in the world, including the famous Bourbon Pub.

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The Satchmo Summer Festival

New Orleans is known for its jazz history and culture. We honor this historical Jazz culture with a celebration of New Orleans own, Louis Armstrong “Satchmo.”  The New Orleans Satchmo Summer Festival is a free American Jazz festival put on by the French Quarter Festivals Inc. to celebrate the life and works of Louis Armstrong.  Featuring free local New Orleans jazz, the Satchmo Festival will be held from August 4th-7th in the French Quarter, at the Louisiana State Museum’s Old U.S. Mint, only steps away from the French Market. read more »