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New Orleans 2014 Dirty Linen Night Freshens Up Local Art

If you didn’t get enough local art the first time around, why not go back out for another tour of the New Orleans art scene the next Saturday—possibly even in the same dirty clothes you wore out the weekend before? It may sound strange, but that’s exactly what the founders of Dirty Linen Night had in mind.

Black background with white letters spelling dirty linen

Named in honor of the White Linen Night art gathering held the weekend before in the Warehouse District, Dirty Linen Night quickly became its own New Orleans institution after its founding in 2001. This free, seasonal celebration features art galleries and shops in and around Royal St in the French Quarter and is held the second Saturday of August, this year Aug. 9th, from 6 to 9 p.m. The party mainly centers around the 500 to 1000 blocks of Royal St as well as the 500 block of St. Peter and St. Ann Streets and the Dutch Alley Artist Co-Op at Dumaine and Decatur Streets. read more »

Best Locally Owned New Orleans Steakhouses

You may not come to New Orleans for a steak, but you probably shouldn’t leave without trying one. Steakhouses have been a tradition in New Orleans as institutionalized as any other city, and these steakhouses have learned exactly how to perfect their offerings to present sizzling, mouth-watering steaks any steak lover would be proud to say they had on their last visit to the city.

New Orleans has a number of excellent steakhouses for you to try, but here is a guide to a few of the best New Orleans steakhouses that have been around for awhile now—and have never lost the gusto their steaks are famous for.

red brick building with neon light and an attached sigh

Charlie’s Steakhouse (4510 Dryades St)

Charlie’s Steakhouse Uptown is another local institution, having been in business since 1932. The restaurant was run by three generations of the Petrossi family, who claim that there’s nothing fancy about Charlie’s unless it’s your first time. It’s simply a classically well-prepared and sizzling steak you have to taste to believe. Once upon a time, customers didn’t even order off a menu (as it didn’t exist), and servers let them know exactly what they were having on that particular visit. Try “The Charlie,” a thick-cut 32-ounce T-bone, the New York strip or an 18-ounce ribeye.


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New Orleans’ 2014 Satchmo SummerFest

Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is a New Orleans legend who still lives in the hearts of musicians and jazz lovers the world over. A central figure in the development of early New Orleans jazz, Satchmo became a world-renowned star that helped to put New Orleans and its monumental genre on the map of the music world. And the city celebrates his legacy still today.

New Orleans’ Satchmo SummerFest, held this year from July 31st through August 3rd, 2014 at and surrounding the Louisiana State Museum’s Old U.S. Mint in the French Quarter, is one of many summer festivals that occur in the city each year. But it is memorable in its own right due to the curated music, food and events that are intended to represent all that Satchmo and his contributions are to New Orleans.

Black and white photo of Louis Armstrong with trumpet in hand.

Photo of a photo in the US Mint Jazz Museum

The music schedule will be released in early July, but past festivals have included such artists as Kermit Ruffins, Leroy Jones, Jeremy Davenport, Ellis Marsalis, Wycliffe Gordon and Allen Toussaint, in addition to one of last year’s special guests, Japanese trumpeter Yoshio Toyama. Each year, dozens of local trumpeters, jazz musicians and more congregate on all four days of New Orleans’ Satchmo SummerFest to celebrate the music and traditions of Satchmo and New Orleans jazz.

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The History and Recipe Behind New Orleans’ BBQ Shrimp

BBQ Shrimp is an iconic New Orleans dish. In New Orleans, BBQ Shrimp isn’t about slathering grilled or fried shrimp in a ton of BBQ sauce. Rather, it is a shrimp dish delicately prepared in a rich butter sauce flavored with Worcestershire and white wine and eaten with dripping dipped French bread. You can find iterations at various restaurants and in homes across the city, but the original recipe comes from an Uptown restaurant, Pascal’s Manale.

Pascal Manale's

In the mid-1950s, the local Italian restaurant Pascal’s Manale, opened in 1913 on Napoleon Ave, invented the New Orleans BBQ shrimp recipe. The story goes that one of the restaurant’s regulars, Vincent Sutro, had just returned from a business trip to Chicago, and he began explaining a delicious dish he had there to chef Jake Radosta. He knew it had something to do with shrimp, butter and a lot of pepper, and he asked Radosta if he could try to make it.

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Bastille Day Fete Honors New Orleans’ French Heritage

“French Independence Day,” or Bastille Day, in New Orleans is one of the city’s many cultural celebrations. After the Native American tribes, the area’s original settlers were all French, and the French brushstrokes of New Orleans’ history can still be seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt today. From French words on street signs to French restaurants—and the French Quarter, of course—France has left an indelible mark on New Orleans’ rich culture and history, and Bastille Day in New Orleans is an annual way that the city treasures it.

gold horse carry Joan of Arch against a blue sky

This year, Bastille Day in New Orleans falls on Monday, July 14th, so the weekend before, July 11th through 13th, will be the main days for celebration throughout the city. Back in 2012, it was ranked as the No. 3 Bastille Day celebration in the world by Reuters, so this year is destined to be just as exciting and fun for all who attend.

One of the major Bastille Day New Orleans events each year is a free block party hosted by the Faubourg St. John Merchants Association, usually held in the 3100 block of Ponce de Leon just off Esplanade Ave on Saturday evening. The Faubourg St. John is a quiet neighborhood of the city that was once home to many families of French Creole Aristocracy.

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ll Posto Café, an Italian Café in Uptown New Orleans

If you love when a restaurant takes a simple concept and perfects it rather than try to be a dozen different things, you have to try ll Posto Café in the heart of Uptown, New Orleans, just a short walk away our Garden District Bed and Breakfast. This café takes the essentials of Italian foodie culture and has created a quaint menu with delicious foods and drinks that has earned them loyal crowds of locals and is getting them on the radar of visitors staying in the area as well.

tan colored wooden building a large window and two glass wooden framed doors

The café is open from breakfast time to well past dinner, 9 p.m. on all nights but Sunday, when it closes at 3 p.m., and Mondays when it is not open. With these kinds of hours, Il Posto has fostered specific crowds for each meal, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-dinner drinks and appetizers. Whether you’re looking for a light breakfast of bagels and fresh brewed coffee or a classic gourmet grilled cheese, you can find foods to satisfy cravings throughout the day at ll Posto.

ll Posto’s breakfast menu is simple but well-done and includes bagels with several different spreads, organic granola and yogurt as well as hard-boiled eggs. For a light lunch or dinner, you could try any of the salads, such as its caprese or Italian tuna, as well as bruschetta, several cheese plates, such as Piedmonte Region sheep, goat and cow’s milk, a few variations of grilled cheese sandwiches and paninis and assorted crostinis. read more »

Looking for a nearby eatery after Jazz Fest – try Luizza’s

 Liuzza’s by the Track has become a local hot spot in this Mid-City neighborhood, especially for the two weekends of Jazz Fest, when tens of thousands of festival attendees can’t help but walk by the establishment on their way to the Fairgrounds. Located a block and a half off Esplanade Ave and just a few blocks from the Fairgrounds, Liuzza’s by the Track is a favorite place to eat and grab a drink for locals and visitors alike.

Liuzza’s by the Track may not have invented the BBQ shrimp delicacy, but the restaurant amplified it when it stuck the dish between two slices of po-boy bread and suitably called it the BBQ shrimp po-boy, for which it is now well-known both near and far. The restaurant offers an even more extensive menu of po-boys, including garlic stuffed oysters and roast beef and other classic combinations.

corner building , tan in color with brown trim. large sign hanging over entrance that saids Luizza's By the Track

Liuzza’s by the Track also offers seafood plates, sandwiches, salads and specials like red beans and rice and pork chops on certain days, plus a legendary thin and dark gumbo. I send my guests here especially for this gumbo, I think it’s the best in town. If you need something to kick off your day at Jazz Fest or haven’t gotten enough once the Jazz Fest doors are closed, Liuzza’s by the Track is a perfect spot for dining and meeting up with friends and fellow fest-goers.

The interior gives it a homey feel, and it’s everything you’d expect from a well-worn neighborhood joint. It’s covered in fading memorabilia and sports cracked tile floors, rickety tables, mismatched chairs and a friendly staff who are ready to serve you draft beers, Bloody Marys and all the food you can handle during your weekend(s) at Jazz Fest—and any other time you come to visit the city.

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