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New Orleans Attractions

Celebrating Christmas in New Orleans

      Joyeux Noel from New Orleans!


With the start of the Fairgrounds racing season beginning on Thanksgiving Day leading the way and Twelfth Night festivities taking us into Carnival, winter rolls into New Orleans with a flourish. Christmas is a special time in the Crescent City.

For the traditionalist, no New Orleans holiday is complete without a trip to visit Mr. Bingle at City Park’s Celebration in the Oaks. Hundreds of light displays, an ice skating rink and hot-buttered rums make this a beautiful evening for the whole family.

And, really, what is Christmas without caroling? Join the residents of the French Quarter (and usually several local celebrities) for caroling in Jackson Square. Song sheets and candles are provided and it is a truly magnificent sight to see: thousands of candlelit faces framed by the facade of St. Louis Cathedral. The date this year is Dec. 18 and you can find more information here.

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New Orleans Dining

Cafe du Monde will celebrate 150 years, 1862 – 2012



Everybody loves beignets!  Those tasty little hot morsels of goodness covered in mounds of powdered sugar.

Next year this incredible institution, Café du Monde, will be celebrating it’s 150th anniversary. It’s hard to imagine but their doors opened a decade before electricity was invented.

The beignets are the only food item on the menu but you won’t need anything else. The coffee is a blend of coffee and chicory. Chicory is the root of the endive plant and is added to the dark roasted coffee to soften its bitter edge. Once brewed the coffee is mixed with scalded milk to make a nasty cup of café au lait.

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A Party for a Sandwich, 2011 Po-Boy Festival Nov. 20th

The Po- Boy Festival  is only 5 years old, but it was an instant hit from the get go. How could it not be when it involves one of the best food items in New Orlean’s culinary culture. We all have fond memories of roast beef gravy dripping down your face and those whole loaf po-boys  from the Bakery on Franklin Ave in Gentilly. Can you picture that…a 3 foot sandwich for the whole family!

This sandwich has been a staple of local cuisine forever and can be  stuffed with anything from roast beef to french fries and brown gravy all tucked inside a fresh loaf of french bread. What makes this festival so much fun is the creativity. Today you’ll find pork cheeks po-boys, vegetarian po-boys and even one from the Vietnamese community. There are no rules.  And there are forty vendors to choose from. A word of advice ….. go hungry!

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New Orleans Dining

Times Picayune’s Top 10 Restaurant Picks

New Orleanian’s are passionate about eating out. At present there are 1220 restaurants in the city and the competition is steep. As any chef knows, you are only as good as your last meal and  the quality of restaurants in New Orleans is at a historic high.

The top ten winners this year in alphabetical order.

Native Susan Spicer and Bayona have passed their 20th birthday. Each year she has never ceases to delight her customers and remains one of the most respected New Orleans restaurants. The menu changes monthly, the ingredients are always fresh, excellent wine list, great service in a Creole cottage the the French Quarter.
Owner Brad Hollingsworth refuses to have a website. That mentality defines the essence of this Uptown  restaurant, they are steeped  between tradition and individualism.  Classic creole dishes , heavy on the seafood and solid grilled items with an impressive wine list. Bartenders are very generous pourers.


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