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Commander’s Palace: A New Orleans Classic!

Commanders Palace
New Orleans is home to some of the most original and well known restaurants in the world.  Commander’s Palace stands out as a “must do.”  Experience the graciousness of a bygone era. This is dining at its finest with impeccable service and mouth watering classic Creole dishes.   Located in the heart of the Garden  District this culinary tradition is run by  the world famous Brennan family, a powerhouse of culinary culture and success .  They Many famous chefs, including Emeril, have gotten their start at this legendary restaurant.

Commander’s Palace was the first restaurant to bring the wonderful and unique tradition of the Jazz Brunch to New Orleans.  Jazz Brunch is world- renowned and an unforgettable experience.

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Southern Decadence is Just Around the Corner!

New Orleans claims to be one of the most gay friendly cities in the United States, perhaps the world. Come  cele-bate the unique New Orleans gay culture and pride in what is considered to be the largest gay event in New Orleans, the Southern Decadence Festival.  Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Southern Decadence 2011 will be held on Labor Day Week-end (Wednesday Aug. 31st – Monday Sept. 5th.)  Most of the Southern Decadence events are held in the French Quarter, but for a full listing of events just check out this easy to read map.

Southern Decadence started out as a small gay pride festival in New Orleans 40 years ago.  Today it has grown into one of the biggest gay pride festivals / around the clock parties in the world!  Most of Southern Decadence happens in the streets of the French Quarter and is free.  But a weekend pass is available for admission to events at some of the hottest gay bars in the world, including the famous Bourbon Pub.

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New Orleans Museum's

Experience the Cabildo

When most people think of New Orleans, they think of the food, drink, and music that this city is famous for.  While these things are worth savoring and experiencing, there is so much more to this beautiful city than simply food, drink, and music.  New Orleans is one of the most, if not the most, historically exciting cities in the United States.  This rich history is shown through in the architecture of this amazing city as well as the many museums that New Orleans has to offer.

To see the greatness of the museums that New Orleans has no offer one needs to look no further than the Louisiana State Museum.  This museum’s collection is so large that it cannot be housed in one building alone, but is spread throughout five different locations, all in the beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans.  One of these five locations is the Cabildo.

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The Satchmo Summer Festival

New Orleans is known for its jazz history and culture. We honor this historical Jazz culture with a celebration of New Orleans own, Louis Armstrong “Satchmo.”  The New Orleans Satchmo Summer Festival is a free American Jazz festival put on by the French Quarter Festivals Inc. to celebrate the life and works of Louis Armstrong.  Featuring free local New Orleans jazz, the Satchmo Festival will be held from August 4th-7th in the French Quarter, at the Louisiana State Museum’s Old U.S. Mint, only steps away from the French Market. read more »