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Mardi Gras Magic

It’s carnival time and everybody’s feelin’ good!
This past weekend kicked off the first parades and has set the mood.  Everyone’s in the Mardi Gras spirit. Carnival music’s playing on the radio.  Front doors are decorated with colorful wreathes.  Huge strings of Mardi Gras beads hang from the trees and drape over porch balconies.  Houses are dressed in their finest green, purple and gold.  Bakeries fill the air with the smell of thousands of king cakes made every day for locals and out-of-towners. In the neighborhoods, music and marching rings the air as high school bands practice for the parades. read more »

Cafe Du Monde

Put Cafe Du Monde on the top of your list while visiting New Orleans. Its consistently packed with people  and there is always a line at the door. But the turnover is quick.The beignets are the only food item on the menu. And you’ll quickly realize that there is nothing more that you need.
New Orleans Attractions

Cities of the Dead

Last Saturday, the sun finally shone after  a very bone chilling week. I grabbed my camera and headed over to the St. Roch Cemetery, one that I had never visited. Many people visit the cemeteries to experience these beautiful places filled with above grounds tombs whispering the history of the people and their city. The architecture itself makes the visit worth it. You  actually do feel  like you’re walking through the streets of a neighborhood and the tombs are little houses.