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New Orleans Attractions

Cities of the Dead

A New Orleans cemetery is a city in miniature, streets, curbs, iron fences, and its tombs above ground like small houses. New Orleans has traditionally respected the dead, yet this isn’t the reason the tombs are above ground. The settlers of the city struggled with many different methods of burying the dead. Most burial plots must be shallow because the water table is high. One too many feet down, and the grave is soggy and filled with water, causing the casket to float. The settlers even tried to weigh the caskets down by placing heavy stones within and atop of them. But following a heavy rainstorm, the coffins would literally pop right out of the ground.

 This was seen during Katrina in the lower parishes of South Louisiana were caskets floated far distances from their resting place. Fortunately the local funeral home had kept records of clothing and items that were buried with the person and was able to return them to their proper location.
Eventually, graves in New Orleans were placed above ground, similar to Spanish custom where vaults are stacked on each another. The wealthier families, of course, could afford larger ornately designed tombs including crypts.
The first question always asked is – how is each family member buried in each vault? When the family member is deceased for at least a year and a day before the tomb can be reopened. The person’s remains are transfered to a special burial bag than put to the back of the vault. Their coffin is destroyed and the vault is prepared for the recently deceased family member.  In the case that someone dies before the time restrictions are met, there are temporary vaults used until which time they can be placed to rest.
There are 42 cemeteries in the New Orleans area with many interesting, fascinating stories. Here at your New Orleans bed and breakfast, Southern Comfort, we do like to use Historic New Orleans Tours, owned and operated by Robert Florence, author of New Orleans Cemeteries.

New Orleans Dining

25 Cent Martini’s at Commander’s Palace

Commander’s Palace is the diamond of New Orleans restaurants,  where you’ll experience the graciousness of a bygone era.   This is dining at its finest with impeccable service.    Jazz Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday and is world-renowned.

Visit Commanders during the week day to take advantage of their lunch specials.    You’ll  experience the food, ambiance and service at a very reasonable price  And who can turn down 25 cent martini’s!    And for dessert, there’s no question, you must try  the bread pudding souffle  by far the city’s best desserts.

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New Orleans Attractions New Orleans Community

New Orleans French Quarter Secret Gardens Tour

 There are treasures behind those French Quarter doors . Pass through the narrow alley and discover  brick patios, sounds of flowing fountains and 100 year old wisteria vines. This is the  living art of a unique part of our New Orleans culture.
 The Secret Gardens Tour takes you behind gates and walls to expose the French Quarters most charming secrets.

The general climate in New Orleans is quite tropical as are its lush gardens. You’ll see sweet olive, birds of paradise, jasmine, wisteria, Japanese plums, several varieties of gingers and bougainvillea. read more »

New Orleans Events

5th Annual Blues and BBQ Festival

Fall is finally here, it’s a  the time when everyone breathes a sigh of relief and knowing that the hot and sultry summer is behind us. The heat has finally subsided and everyone is ready for the outdoors. And what a better way to start than with the free Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival.

This weekend, October 16th and 17th ,in Lafayette Square Park in the CBD. Two days and three stages of blues stars, including Barbara Lynn, Taj Mahal, Little Freddie King and Henry Gray. Local favorites include Jon Cleary, Grandpa Elliot, Andres Osborne, Corey Harris and Luther Kent. This event is made possible by the Jazz and Heritage Foundation.

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