Brigtsen’s Restaurant

Do you know, that at this moment New Orleans has 1111 restaurants! Over 300  new establishments have opened since  Katrina. We may not do some things right in Louisiana but we do know how to enjoy food!

This will be the beginning of a new blog category. we will call it simply New Orleans Restaurants. It is  only my humble review. Before you make dining reservations for your next visit to our fun city check our blog archives for a locals perspective.

We’ll start with Brigtsen’s. Chef Frank Brigtsen trained under Paul Prudhommre at K-Paul’s for several years. In 1990, he opened his personal restaurant in the Riverbend/Uptown area on Dante St. The setting is both homey and elegant, and Chef Brigtsen offers some of the city’s top contemporary and Creole cuisine.

Located at 723 Dante St. in the Riverbend,  it is only a  short streetcar ride from Southern Comfort.

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