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New Orleans Community

Animals of the Oil Spill

It seems that hundreds of dogs have been pouring into animal shelters across Louisiana as a result of the oil spill. Many of those who make their livlihood from the Gulf can no longer afford to feed their animals is their time of economic stress.

I couldn’t  imagine having to give up cat, Rags because I was unable to feed her. I couldn’t imagine being a parent and having to take my child’s best friend away cause you needed to feed the family first. So I called my next door neighbor, Emily  and asked if she wanted to join me in raising monies to purchase food.

There are two fishing communities south of New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish on the east side of the  Mississippi River and Plaquemines Parish on the west side. I called each SPCA and was thankful to learn that both were no-kill facilities. Both were  near full capacity and would be thankful for the donation. They would also notify  local families that food was available for pickup.

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New Orleans Attractions New Orleans Events

Louisiana Swamp Festival at the Audubon Zoo

Fall is around the corner and with it comes the annual Louisiana Swamp Festival at the Audubon Zoo. This is a great festival celebrating the Cajun culture and heritage .

 The main stage is set amongst the wonderful live oaks and a great place to bring a blanket and settle in for a lively afternoon of  Cajun and Zydeco music.
BeauSoleil, Rosie Ledet and Terrence Simien are only a few of the favorites that will appear.

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New Orleans Dining

New Orleans Sno-Balls

New Orleanians care less about the passing of winter, spring, summer and fall than they do the many gustatory seasons that come and go each year. Autumn is soft shell crab season. Winter brings oysters. In spring, the air in the city turns pungent with crawfish boiling spices. But summer belongs to a man made treat….the SNO-BALL.

The custom of eating sweetened snow supposedly began with the Roman Empire, but in New Orleans, the practice took off in 1934, when Ernest Hansen invented a device called “Hansen’s Sno-Bliz.” Sno-Bliz, a motorized ice shaver, took the labor out of sno-ball preparation, which, in the pre-Hansen era, required a lot of hard work with a hand plane.

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New Orleans Dining

A New Orleans Tradition, Hubig Pies





As a kid, I grew up eating  Hubig pies, as did my parents and my parents parents.  But what exactly are these wonderful delights and where did they come from?

Hubig Pies are a fried turnover, originally created in Dallas by Simon Hubig. Hubig was a German immigrant and a master baker. He recognized the popularity of his hand – held pies and expanded his operations to Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, and into Georgia. His dreams of  going national were crushed by the stock market crash of 1929. He was forced to sell all of his bakeries except for the one on New Orleans. He also had to take on a partner, which is how the Bowman family came to be the current owners of the bakery.

The bakery has been located in the same building on Dauphine Street for at least 80 years. They are fried and smothered in sugary icing, and distributed in nearly 3500 retailers in southern Louisiana . No doubt about it, we love our Hubig Pies! They come in all sorts of flavors , ranging from apple, lemon, pineapple, chocolate, sweet potato, banana, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and coconut. read more »

New Orleans Attractions

The National WWII Museum New Orleans

I have been asked many times why the National WWII Museum is located in New Orleans . This type of world class museum just doesn’t quite fit with our city reputation of “Laisser Les Bon Temp Roules.”

The main reason the museum is located here in New Orleans is that the landing craft used in the invasion of Normandy and elsewhere were actually designed, built and tested here at the Higgins Shipyard. New Orleans native and historian Stephen Ambrose  spearheaded the efforts to build the museum.

Its easy to spend the entire day and if you are a military history buff you could spend days. Enter the large lobby  and  you’ll find  a Sherman tank, jeeps and halftracks,  a Higgins Landing Craft, artillery and aircraft.  Aloft , is one of the wars most storied C-47 planes.

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