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You can’t believe what BP said!

We have been struck by 2 man made disasters in 5 years. First the failure of the federal levee systems during Katrina and now the BP oil spill. We’re are feeling the failures by supposedly the best engineers and frustrated by the lack of a butt-kicking federal response. Our local officials are once again seen crying on national TV.

BP and the Coast Guard are not doing an acceptable job of containing and cleaning up the oil. Do you know that the local mayors and our governor have ,for the last 3 weeks , begged for permission to start dredging and building levees outside of the marshes so that the oil could be contained.

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It’s Creole Tomato Time!

Don’t you look forward to this time of the year!  There is nothing better than a big juicy slice of creole tomato on white bread with mayo and salt and pepper! Not only is it a tasty thing but it  brings back wonderful childhood memories of stopping along side the highway down in St. Bernard parish to buy a big old basket full.

A salad combination you may never expect, but are sure to love, is sweet and tangy Watermelon and Tomato Salad. I first had this salad last year at the restaurant Coquette while shopping on Magazine Street.

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Louisiana Attractions

Visit Houmas House, a River Road Plantation

 We were able to sneak away last week for a day trip upriver to Plantation country. I had been wanting to visit the Houmas House to see the new expansion of gardens.

The gardens are alive with lush tropical plantings, seasonal flowers, ponds and fountains.  Seating venettes and statuary greet you around every turn as you stroll through  courtyards, inviting pathways,  and the lush green lawns of   the 32 acre estate. This is a very magical place. The centuries old live oaks, some over 450 years old , provide an escape from the sun and an ambiance that  brings you back to an era of long ago.. An era where sipping Mint Juleps in the soft glow of the filtered afternoon sun while  listening to the  sounds of the river traffic was the southern way of life.

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New Orleans Community

Gulf Oil Spill – You Can help

The people of south Louisiana are sadden by the events in the gulf, actually our hearts are broken. Last year was such a positive , joyful and hopeful time.  Saints football brought New Orleans into almost every home in this country and even around the world. It reminded the world that we are a unique and vibrant culture . Visitors have flocked to our city since . We were back and finally leaving Katrina behind.

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