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New Orleans Events

The Mystique of the New Orleans Jazz Festival


Jazz Fest Logo




If you haven’t been to Jazz Fest……well, you just have to come. At least once you say, but statistics prove that the average person comes back at least 5 times. I’ve  personally seen it over the years. I have guests that have been with me anywhere from 5 to 8 times.

So you ask , what is so special about this festival? It is simply a celebration of our unique culture. The  music, food and craftspeople,  the Mardi Gras Indians, social pleasure clubs  and the way these traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Thats make our culture special. read more »

Our Guests

The Twisted Sisters Visit New Orleans Bed & Breakfast

So….you’re into your 15th year of 24/7 and you haven’t slept past 6 am since God knows when cause the Saints won the Super Bowl. The city is bursting with vistors and we’re having occupancies levels like never before which is a good thing….but you soooo tired.

And you’re wondering ” why did I give up that  9 to 5 corporate job with weekends off and a paid vacation!!!!”

And then the doorbell rings. You open the door and you meet the girls. You fall in love instantly and the next 5 days are delightful. Now you remember why you do this thing called Innkeeping!

Meet the” Twisted Sisters”. They have flown in from the Carolina’s, New Jersey, Ohio and Florida to pass a good time as we say in New Orleans.What they have in common is that they meet in the late fifties while attending nursing school.

Now these aren’t your ordinary 70 year olds. They are vivacious, beautiful, smart, funny and loving. All with a very unique personality. Best of all, they wear the coolest  jewelry! read more »

Southern Comfort Garden

We’ve added a Louisiana Iris

We had such a cold winter, it actually stayed in the mid 20′s at night for 7 days in a row! Our beautiful tropical gardens are not recovering well and we are having to replace a large number of plants.

We have added this beautiful Louisiana Iris to the pond. This dark blue/purple iris is to die for! These wild flowers range from white through all the lavenders, blues and violet to the deepest purple. read more »

Recipes Southern Comfort Recipes

Creme Brulee French Toast

One of the highlights for an Innkeeper’s is to have their guests just about lick their plates clean at breakfast. These favorite recipes will do that!

The number one winner is “Creme Brulee French Toast”. There are many versions of this but I have found this to be easy, quick and very very tasty. read more »

New Orleans Events

French Quarter Festival Food Picks

crawfishMaybe you go for the music, but some of us go for the food…ok and the music too, but honestly I’m mostly there for the food, affectionately known as “The World’s Largest Jazz Brunch.” The French Quarter Festival is a big favorite with locals and for good reason—the weather tends to cooperate, the food and music are fabulous, and you can actually move around. This year, there are some new food vendors worth knowing about.


Keep eyes peeled for “2 Food Guys—The finest hangin’ meat in Lakeview.” Brothers Phil and Mike Cusimano (“Joe’s Mike), partnering with their cousin Mike Cusimano (“Sal’s Mike”) owner of Italian Pie, have come out with a line of sausages that will blow your mind. Inspired long ago by the Atkins carb-free craze, these New Orleans Italian family cooks came up with a slew of sausages in familiar flavors. During the Fest, choose two from a list of four: dressed roast beef po-boy, boiled shrimp, barbecued shrimp, and red beans & rice. Yes, these are sausages, really. The Fest plate runs about $5- $6, complete with lagniappe. Post Fest, 2 Guys’ complete line of sausages (muffuletta; stuffed bell pepper; and bread pudding, to name some in addition to those above), will be sold from the new Italian Pie location on Veterans Boulevard in Metairie. read more »